Lottery Jackpot Winners

Tom Rea and Catherine Ruggeri-Rea win $70 million

Some of the newest millionaires in St Louis are two city employees that got a Powerball ticket recently and luck definitely went their way. Tom Rea and Catherine Ruggeri-Rea got to win no less than $70 million. The cool thing here is that they played out of nowhere, even though they did fantasize about winning this for quite a while. They were announced by an employee which was asked to double check, as they just couldn’t believe that such a good thing can happen to them.

Sure, this is not the largest Powerball win in the recent years, however this is the night largest one in Missouri and that clearly states a lot about how amazing the lottery scene really is in this area. And the story of a city employee actually winning such an event is really touching, but hopefully we will be able to see more and more people whose lives have been changed by the astounding, impressive Powerball!

Powerball winner from New Castle will help his Father fight cancer after winning big

Billy Aliff, local New Castle man won big with Powerball on Saturday September 19th. He matched four of the five numbers plus power play for one dollar which made him a $2 million winner. Billy was one of two lucky winners; the other winner comes from Virginia Beach. He will help his father in the fight against cancer who is hospitalized and undergoing chemo, there will be no fancy cars or house for Billy.

He is quite stunned and says it difficult to explain how he feels winning so much money. For New Castle, where news travels quickly this win has boosted the small town. The winning ticket was purchased from Mick or Mac Convenient Store. Lynne Price, an employee of 17 years at Mick or Mac reported that he hasn’t seen anything like this in all his years at the store. It is expected that sales will increase as a result of this win. Billy had hoped to win for many years but this time fortune shone through.

He chose his own numbers arbitrarily while closing his eyes as always when doing so and played for $3. Aliff will quit his job but work from home doing car repairs. He plays $3 each week at the lotteries and will continue doing so.

A chance conversation and a coincidence make a Kentwood woman $1 million richer with Mega Millions

This woman had a chance conversation with a store employee and coincidentally finding a ticket in a stack of old mail and papers proved that she was a $1 million winner. Linda Tuttle is that lucky woman from Kentwood. Her winnings came from the Michigan Lottery where she matched five white balls; 72, 69, 52, 39 & 1 for the May 26th 2015 Mega Millions drawing.
Tuttle purchased her ticket from T & J Party Store, 2882 Shaffer Avenue, SE, in Kentwood. An employee from the store told her that someone who purchased a ticket there had won a huge amount of money; the person has not yet claimed the prize. Linda found her ticket in a pile of old mail and was thrilled when she realized she had won.

She hid the ticket in a candy jar after telling her daughter the great news and later retrieved it to claim her prize from the lottery headquarters in Lansing. She will purchase a new car and do some home improvements in addition to visiting some exchange students in China whom she has hosted for years with some of her prize money.

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